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I will say this until undertakers shovel gravel and dirt over my face — data is directional, but definitive. Data is your tour guide, your backstage pass, and the operator’s manual you instantly bin when you unpack IKEA furniture or complex appliances. …

Hey there! Welcome to my virtual home.

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  • Born & raised in New York. I’ve lived in Los Angeles for the past six years.
  • Started career at an investment bank: A time I’d like to forget.
  • Ditched the suit to build a profitable in 1999.
  • Built a boutique digital agency from $1MM to $20MM in 4 years.

Some of you are creepy AF.

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I used to post my email publicly until a man told me he wanted to fuck my face. A couple of years ago, I made the mistake of sharing my number with a talented writer on this platform — a woke bro, an alleged champion of women — until every…

It’s disturbing how people will hand over their time to strangers.

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There has been no shortage of people who have talked smack about me and my work. From fuckwits in my MFA program and mean girls in book publishing to cowards and their cruel, anonymous blog comments (I’m too successful, too mouthy, too confident, too sad, etc. …

I spent last night in the ER & got to thinking. Who misses you when you’re gone if you have no family to go home to?

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I belong to no one. I’m the last of my kind, the final girl in the Sullivan line. The leveling of a grave or bits of hot bone and ash, the out-of-print books and quick erasure of me. In ten, twenty, thirty years time, it will be as if I…

I tell strange stories in order to live.

Me, in 2008, in awe of my book on the Barnes & Noble New Releases table.

As Jay Z sagely rhymed, allow me to re-introduce myself…

I wrote my first haiku when I was seven, likening my mother’s voice to thunder, and I haven’t shut up since. You write to escape; you write to make sense of the world. As a child, my world was loud…

On the value of a “bridge” book

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I liken the performance of my second book to getting weighed at the doctor’s office. Standing there, eyes pressed shut I’d shout, I don’t want to see, I don’t want to know, but I do know this — the number is never great. Paling in comparison to my impressive debut…

I’ve written four stories about the platform in the eight years I’ve been on it, so know this is serious.

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Much has been written about the halcyon days of Medium, which reminded me of the unblemished pastures of writing online in the early aughts. We were wild, running amok, and wrecking the joint. We published stories and said, fuck you, gatekeepers! Our friends were a constellation of dots on a…

It’s okay to heal offline.

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We post. We publish. We hit send. We film. We press record. We Story and we Tik. Sometimes, we Tok. There we go again, playing surgeon with our hearts when the extent of our experience amounts to watching The Discovery Channel. Yet, here we are, scalpel in hand, making our…


Enjoy your $10 tees while Cambodian workers beg for a $160 wage.

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Yesterday, I watched a documentary where a Cambodian woman wept into a camera. Pleading for $160 a month, a living wage. Tired of making clothes for American and European consumers at the expense of her life, health and dignity.

On any given day, a fresh-faced teenager will gush into a…

Felicia C. Sullivan

Marketing Exec/Author. I build brands & tell stories. Work in Human Parts, OneZero, Forge, Index & Marker. Hire me: Brand & Content eBooks:

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