PSA: After considerable thought, I’ve decided to scale back publishing on Medium. I’ll publish 3-4 stories, per month, max. I’m not leaving, I’m publishing less frequently. REPEAT: I’M NOT LEAVING. I’m focusing on my weekly newsletter, where I’ve been engaging with readers in a more meaningful way. No concern-trolling, no misogynistic or patronizing bro comments I have to block and hide every single fucking day, no chumps reading my work even though I blocked them, no Ketamine accounts following me, no mass conformity, no talking about cultivating relationships when the only relationship cultivated is with a reader’s wallet. No garbage websites stealing my work like this rat fuck.

If you like my work but want to hear from me on a consistent basis, subscribe. I’ll share stories, advice, tutorials, interviews, art, links to books, articles, and podcasts I love and more. I will occasionally sell something, and if that bothers you don’t subscribe. If you creep me out (or ask for free work) you will be blocked. I have zero tolerance or patience for fuckwits.

Marketing Exec/Author. Work in Human Parts, OneZero, Forge & Marker. Hire me Branding/Content Strategy Guides List:

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