If You Use ChatGPT, You’re a Lazy Thief

My book was one of the 191,000 used to train generative AI and I’m not flattered. I’m livid.

Felicia C. Sullivan


I will be brief because this is for the writers who’ve put in the hard work to only have it stolen by tech companies building programs to make lazy people even lazier.

I said what I said.

Over the summer, my second book, Follow Me Into the Dark, was one of the 191,000 pirated books used by companies like Meta, Bloomberg, etc., to train AI systems so inept people can get a taste of what it’s like to actually be a writer. It took me years to write and edit that book with my publisher, and now it’s been scraped and stolen by tech companies who spread garbage in the world like a sickness.

My book is included in the Book3 dataset to train generative AI programs

This is copyright infringement and I’m glad the Authors Guild and fancier authors are kicking up a fuss about this.

If you’re using generative AI, you know you’re taking the easy way out. You’re stealing from an industry that notoriously underpays its writers. You’re not doing the work we did. All you want is clicks and money.

You’re not an artist or a writer — you’re a fraud.

For years, people on this platform have stolen my work and claimed it as their own. They’ve lifted lines or brazenly thieved entire essays and articles. I am not famous. I am a nobody. But I’ve put in the work for decades to write the way I do, and now generative AI is making theft at scale a reality. And I’m disgusted by it.

And this not blanket AI hate. I use non-generative AI in my marketing work as means of social listening and intelligence gathering, but it’s not in service of stealing from artists. I don’t infringe on copyright. And I still use my human brain to build brands with the tools I use. And that’s what AI should be — a tool, not a replacement for the human mind or its capacity to create.

If you’ve had a book published, find out if you’ve been ripped off too.

If you’re attempting to justifying your use of generative AI in the comments, don’t. My comment section is not a democracy and I’m not here to argue blatant theft. You’ll just get blocked, so keep it moving.



Felicia C. Sullivan

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