About Felicia C. Sullivan

Hey there! Welcome to my virtual home.


  • Born & raised in New York. I’ve lived in Los Angeles for the past six years.
  • Started career at an investment bank: A time I’d like to forget.
  • Ditched the suit to build a profitable dot.com in 1999.
  • Built a boutique digital agency from $1MM to $20MM in 4 years.
  • Launched 60+ major brands online across industries & sectors.
  • I’ve worked on the brand and agency side, and have spent the last seven years as a consultant.
  • Published two critically acclaimed books & seeking new representation for my third: My books and work have been featured in dozens of publications including, USA Today, Vanity Fair, Washington Post Book World, Entertainment Weekly, Page6, Bust, and The Observer. I have an MFA from Columbia University. I write all about my experiences in this series.
  • I live for teaching what I know: I’ve taught at USC and Gotham Writer’s Workshop in New York, and I’ve given talks and readings across the country — from Harvard University to Westfield executives.
  • I share my brain on Medium.com: For example, published in 2019, my 8-part “How To Build A Brand” series has been read by over 1,000,000 people and is taught in MBA programs across the country, most recently at Northwestern and Purdue. I’ve been on the platform since 2013, and my work has been featured in Forge, Human Parts, Marker, Index, One Zero, and I’m a columnist at PS I Love You.
  • Pasta Evangelist: My five-hour bolognese is legendary. Now, I’ve designed to become a vegan so, so long, bolognese. We had a good run.
  • Felix The Cat, my chubby tabby, is the LOVE OF MY LIFE. EXHIBIT A BELOW.
  • I’m EXTREMELY shy and introverted until I know you.
  • I sell stuff.

The Details: It’s About Experience…And Being Human

A data-driven marketer and storyteller for over two decades, who has straddled the agency and client-side fences, I deliver simple solutions to complex problems. I care about customer lifetime value over campaign ROI.

My 3-step brand-building method — where your customers are the hero of the story — sets me apart from the pack. Customers aren’t a line item on a P&L — they’re discerning and overwhelmed by choice. We live in an era where problem-solving isn’t enough. Values are no longer a tagline.

Being decent is not a campaign.

I help businesses build better brands for customers that demand we be better humans.

My experience has cultivated an enviable reputation for delivering the wow factor, backed by a sound brand and storytelling strategy that drives long-term business results.

I’ve been telling stories since I was six and I haven’t shut up since.

TL;DR: I make marketing simple.

My Business POV

I have opinions.

Real Talk.

Stop Wasting Your Money.

Likes, fan counts, and clicks are terrific for your ego, but they don’t pay the bills. Make it easy for your customers to find, like, know, and trust you. I help you transform skeptics to converts to brand megaphoners.

Forget The Magic Tricks.

If you’re looking to “go viral” or get a $1MM of sales with a $500 budget, we’re probably not the best fit. I focus on the long game, and real results come from you showing up, forging real relationships with your customers, and doing the work.

I’ve been successful because I cut through the noise and BS and tell you what works — not what you want to hear.

I provide education and examples every step of the way so you’ll feel like you’re getting a marketing MBA! At the end of the day, I’m focused on results.

How You Can Work With Me

I build brands and tell stories. After two decades working in marketing, I’ve learned I prefer to play at the beginning of things. I love to dive into a company and build their brand platform, learn more about their customers through segmentation analysis, and build a content & channel strategy that converts.

You can check out my services & pricing here. Yes, I’m expensive. Yes, I’m worth it. No, I don’t care if you think I’m too expensive. Deal with it and move on.

Connect With Me

There are a lot of creepy people on the internet — please do not be one of them. Please don’t ask me for free work. Please do not ask me for Medium advice — I’ve been on this platform for eight years and I’ve written three articles about it. I’m not your go-to. Please do not ask me to read or edit your work because that would take me away from my paying client work, life, and sharing what I know on this platform through extensive tutorials and articles.

All business inquiries (translation: you would like to hire me, feature me or reprint my work) can be directed here. My website is wack and will be redesigned in early 2021.

You can also contact me on LinkedIn for work-related or press inquiries only.

My newsletter is BACK IN BUSINESS, friends. Sign up.

Marketing Exec/Author. Work in Human Parts, OneZero, Forge, Index & Marker. Hire me: t.ly/bEnd7 Brand & Content eBooks: t.ly/ZP5v List: https://cutt.ly/9j7Ngvz

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