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  • Born & raised in New York. I’ve lived in Los Angeles for the past five years.
  • Started career at an investment bank: A time I’d like to forget.
  • Ditched the suit to build a profitable dot.com in 1999.
  • Built a boutique digital agency from $1MM to $20MM in 4 years.
  • Launched 60+ major brands online across industries & sectors.
  • I’ve worked on the brand and agency side, and have spent the last seven years as a consultant.
  • Published two critically acclaimed books & seeking new representation for my third: My books and work have been featured in dozens of publications…

*UPDATE BELOW* I’m so tired of people stealing my work. I can almost cope with trash bags stealing my marketing and freelancing articles, but when you steal an article about the death of my FUCKING CAT (please report these assholes if you give a shit about my work because I’ve just about had it), that’s when I’ll gladly spend the $1100 to have my attorney file a cease and desist. The culprit is timesbest.blog, they’ve stolen essays of mine, and they’ve probably stolen your work too.

This is why I hate people. Who steals an article about a dead cat…

On the day of Felix The Cat’s 9th birthday, I remember one of the greatest losses of my adult life — my Sophie in 2013.

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I wrote this essay and shared it on this platform briefly in 2013. I gut-renovated it, today, as I remember a great love, Sophie, who opened my heart to Felix. My next post here will arrive at the end of the month.

Let me tell you about the day I met you. They kept you in a bedroom so stark and white it was medicinal. It was too sterile for the likes of you, and then you appeared and rushed toward me. All I could remember were your eyes, green and yellow, and how one could easily get lost in…

The fastest way to hurt the longevity of your business is by focusing on your wins instead of your customers’ profit.

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We talk about clicks, likes, shares, and eyeballs. We’re told to crush it, kill it, and any other war metaphor trotted out by the “guru” of the hour. But why would we use the language of battle to talk about the relationships we cultivate with our customers? Why is the conversation around winning a unilateral, self-indulgent one?

What exactly is it that we’re killing and crushing? Them? Us? Time — the only resource we can’t retrieve?

We use words like optimize, innovate, and return on investment until they become devoid of meaning. Until we can barely remember the shape and…

Walk me back to the wonder.

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Years ago, I worked at a job that was slowly killing me. Months would go by before I saw daylight, or a slice of it through the window of a cab racing uptown for a client meeting. I’d be tapping on my phone, talking to my team, asking the driver if we could take Ninth Avenue instead — all while trying to feel the sun on my face. It had become normal to spend upwards of sixteen hours shackled to my desk, picking at take-out, shouting at my screen. …

How We Work

Also, tips for going viral in a virulent age.

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Credit: Jory Des Jardins

When it comes to our work, we take different routes to our destinations. Our maps, compasses, guides, and snacks reflect the accumulation of not only how we learned to do the thing, but how we practiced and shaped it over time. The space between what we were first taught and how we do it today is that journey. It’s the feedback we got from our colleagues, customers, and competitors. And it’s how we change as the world changes because complacency is the ultimate career killer.

What I want to explore are those routes. How you do what you do. How…

We’re choking on coins, capitalism, and conspicuous consumption.

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Licensed from Adobe Stock // contrastwerkstatt

What if you’re losing a game you never wanted to play? What if it was a game where to win you needed all the aces. Everyone else knows the game because they’ve played it before; they were deck-shufflers out of the womb. And there they go, tucking the aces up their sleeve. So, you place your bets, believing you can beat the house. You’ve studied the cards, you’ve put in the work. What you don’t know is this: the house always wins and you’ll always lose.

Yet, we keep on playing.

A week after my I reverted to from Chapter…

Here’s how I did it.

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Licensed from Adobe Stock // JenkoAtaman

Let me tell you about the best $69 I’ve ever spent. You should know I take parting with my hard-earned cash seriously, so I don’t toss it willy-nilly into the wind or flush it down the nearest available toilet. Oh, no. You have to earn my money. You have to prove you’re not a phony, that you’ve actually done what you teach for a while and have the results to prove it.

Before I click “buy,” I want to see your bonafides. If I could’ve written the book or course myself I won’t buy it. …

Tell me, where have all the weirdos gone?

Rome has not fallen; the past is not over; it is just the future has already begun. When was the last time you read something and you felt as if you heart would suddenly stop? The feeling when a plane drops a few hundred feet or an elevator tumbles down a shaft. You could taste your insides. Your body is now irrelevant because something else — something we can’t articulate, but could almost feel its shape — has replaced it.

Today, I watched Synchronic, the latest film by directing duo, Aaron Moorhead…

#1: I keep a brag folder.

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A few months ago, I negotiated a contract for the kind of project that puts your heart on pause. Of course, I panicked and paced the length of my apartment. Who do I think I am? This can’t be real. I don’t deserve this. They’re going to find me out — me and my long con. I sat on signing for two days because self-doubt is a cruel specter that appears when you least want or expect it. It waits for your vulnerability, feeding on it, and lives to hurl a truck-load of salt on your open wounds.

We’ve all…

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